Anyone who has ever searched online for a job before will know how difficult it can be to find the perfect company and job role for you. As a job hunter you already know how awesome you are and what value you can add to the organisation you decide to work for. Yet finding the right companies for you can be challenging. Many employers don’t promote their companies very well online, so you probably haven’t heard of companies that are right around the corner from where you live and who need the skills you have. Likewise, many companies who are actively recruiting often don’t spread the word as far and wide as they need to, which means that the job vacancy often gets lost in the sea of mess on traditional job boards. Meaning the job vacancy that is perfect for you ends up not being visible on your radar when you are looking for work which adds more frustration when searching for a job.

That’s why we’ve build TendoBot, to solve these problems. TendoBot is your friendly recruitment helper designed to help you find the perfect companies to work for. Companies that need your very particular set of skills. Skills that you have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make you an awesome employee for companies who take the time to read your application.

TendoBot is what is powering a lot of the sophisticated technology see when you are using Tendo Jobs to search for your latest job including the predictive analytics machine learning algorithm, which can point you in the direction of relevant companies who require your skills and expertise. More recently we’ve been expanding TendoBot even further so we truly become the leading job search engine to help job hunters find work and employers find new staff.

We’ve sent TendoBot on a mission, to find every company in the UK and to learn what skills, knowledge and experience they need from their staff. With this information, when you are searching for a job on Tendo Jobs, TendoBot will be able to provide even more relevant results so you can truly pinpoint the perfect company and perfect job when searching. This makes your job hunting process as seamless and efficient as possible. TendoBot is an extremely complex piece of technology we’ve built that is continually working away in the background to ensure you can find the right company to work for that is best suited to you and your skills.

TendoBot has just started working on its first mission, to find every company in the UK and to learn what skills, knowledge and experience they need from their staff. You’ll notice a significant growth in the number of relevant companies recommended to you when you are searching for jobs on Tendo Jobs as TendoBot finds new companies in the UK and learns what skills, knowledge and experience they are looking for. To ensure TendoBot can match you with your perfect future employer, be sure to create a job hunter profile if you haven’t already.