As a job hunter, when you apply for jobs posted on Tendo Jobs by local employers they already see key information about you such as employment history, your contact details and your job application. All of this information was more of a handy reference for employers which was bolted on to your job application so that employers can see who you are. This isn’t always the best way to showcase yourself as a job hunter though and sometimes it is nice to have a bit more of a structured approach. The new job hunter profiles allow you to showcase how awesome you really are and what you have been doing throughout your career, alongside your actual job application for a specific role which shows how well suited you are for the specific job.

That’s why we have completely redesigned the way your personal information is displayed to employers when you apply for their jobs. You can view your Job Hunter Profile from within your Job Hunter Dashboard where you can now upload a Profile Picture, add Profile Information to introduce yourself, add Core Skills to highlight to employers the key skills you have, along with displaying a great work history to showcase the awesome work you have done throughout your career.



Make sure your profile is complete so that employers can see you have taken the time to show you on your best side when applying for their jobs. Your new job hunter profiles are only visible to yourself and the employers where you have applied for a job of theirs so there is no risk of your current employer spotting that you are looking for a job.

No-one wants irrelevant jobs recommended to them which are either based at the other end of the country or for completely irrelevant jobs and based on poor keyword matching. Likewise, no-one wants to be spammed to death with these irrelevant recommendations which is why Tendo Jobs has been designed to put the power in the hands of the job hunters to fully personalise the type of jobs they are looking for.

We already have some seriously cool artificial intelligence in the background and with this additional information available on your profile we’ll be using this information to let you know about relevant jobs the instant they are posted, even if you aren’t Following the company who posted the vacancy. You can already Follow Counties, Towns, Companies and Searches to personalise your job search within your Jobs Feed, but previously you may have missed a job when relevant jobs were posted if you weren’t following either the company of a search query that matched the job. Make sure you’re the first to know when new and relevant jobs are posted by completing your Job Hunter Profile and Follow the companies, searches and places you are interested in. Our sophisticated algorithms in the background do the rest to make sure you’re first in line to apply for a job when it is posted.

We’re also contemplating whether we should allow employers to search job hunter profiles, or not, or maybe on a limited basis, or maybe even allow job hunters to make their profiles public. Naturally this would be fully in your control should we go down this route, so if you didn’t want your profile to be searchable then it would be private by default. Let us know your thoughts about how we could allow employers to find you as a job hunter by dropping us an email with your ideas, or leave a comment below. Employers who are looking for specialist skills like to ‘head hunt’ the best talent on the market, so we’re looking at options around how we do this. We’re planning various scenarios at the moment and we are a little undecided how to best handle this, so until we’re happy that we have this right, we’re collating feedback from both job hunters and employers. Get in touch and share your thoughts about what you would like to see and we’ll see what we can do.