TendoJobs.com launches machine learning algorithm to match job hunters directly with employers who will require their skills in the future when they are recruiting.


Recruitment is often a short term thought process for many employers who require talent on tap the moment they post their job vacancies online. To recruit the best talent it is essential to build a recruitment pipeline of potential candidates way before you need them. To make this a seamless process, Tendo Jobs has created a machine learning algorithm which is capable of predicting the skills, knowledge and experience individual employers will need from future staff they are yet to recruit.

Using predictive analytics to understand the skills employers require, Tendo Jobs is able to match active job hunters directly with employers who are best suited for them. This process allows job hunters to identify key employers within their area who recruit staff with their skills, regardless of whether they are actively recruiting or not. Job hunters are then able to follow local companies and active employers so they are alerted as soon as they post vacancies on TendoJobs.com.

Employers are encouraged to create a free profile at https://www.tendojobs.com where they can start building a pipeline of potential candidates for when they are next recruiting. Tendo Jobs is a tool for in-house recruiters and HR staff that links employers directly with job hunters to make recruitment as pain free and low cost as possible for companies.

Michael Cropper, Managing Director of Tendo Jobs said;

“This is a really exciting time for Tendo Jobs. Our advanced machine learning algorithms add a high level of sophistication to the platform which is designed to benefit employers and job hunters alike.”


Media information: https://www.tendojobs.com/media/