When you find work through a recruitment agency, did you know that they are effectively taking around 20% of your salary which means you earn much less than you could be doing? If you’re earning an average salary of £23,000, you likely could have been earning £28,000 instead if you applied directly to the company where you work. That is a lot of money that is being siphoned off your salary secretly by recruitment agencies, it is this money which is charged to the employer as a “Finder’s Fee”. What would you do with an extra £5,000 salary? Go on holiday? Treat the family?

You see when an employer has a budget of say £28,000 to spend on a member of staff, this is often split between the employee and the recruitment agency. Often recruitment agencies can take up to 20% of your annual salary as a “finder’s fee”, an even up to 45% for some very senior roles. This means that when the employer has a £28,000 budget to spend, you get only £23,000 while the recruitment agency gets around £5,000 simply for sending a few emails and connecting you with the employer and passing on your details. We believe this is unfair for the job hunter and unfair for the employer.

Many job hunters are completely unaware how recruitment agencies take money from employers. Money which could ultimately be used to raise the salaries of employees who are adding value to the companies they work for. We don’t believe this practice is right, which is why we urge you to spread the word about the practices of recruitment agencies and encourage you to apply directly with employers to ensure you get the best deal, secure the highest salary possible and show your best side to future employers.

Tendo Jobs is a tool which allows job hunters directly to connect directly with employers and research local companies to work for. To put this into perspective, if an employer recruited 3 job vacancies through a recruitment agency this would cost them an average of £15,000, which could be used to pay an additional member of staff full time. On Tendo Jobs, recruiting for 3 job vacancies would cost the employer only £10 per month. Quite a big difference there!

Spread the word and let’s take a stand against recruitment agencies. #SayNoToRecruitmentAgencies



Since posting this awareness campaign encouraging job hunters to apply directly with companies, it seems virtually every recruitment agency in the UK has jumped on board to nay say the idea as this cuts out the fees they earn and as can be seen below the defensive comments are quite telling. It’s no surprise really that this happened as technology is starting to replace a lot of the mundane work recruitment agencies do. Likewise, the same is happening in virtually every industry that is people heavy and this is only going to grow. With almost 100,000 views on the awareness campaign in the last 5 days alone, this has hopefully highlighted to job hunters how applying directly to employers is a positive step forward and brings transparency to the job hunting process.

While this has been a fun campaign, we don’t have the resources to discuss every negative comment from every recruitment agency with an axe to grind, so we’re shutting down comments on this post and likewise will not be replying to any comments on LinkedIn with regards to this awareness campaign. Our stance is clear, when the majority of companies in the UK employ less than 10 members of staff, any cost savings through the use of efficient cloud based technologies such as Tendo Jobs leaves more money in the bank for employers to use as they choose, whether on higher staff salaries for the right candidates or investing in new machinery or a company car for top performers.

Ignoring the natural hostility from recruitment agencies, what drives us at Tendo Jobs is the extremely positive comments we hear from actual employers and job hunters on a daily basis, a few recent ones listed below to finish with. All in all, as a job hunter we always recommend that you #ApplyDirect to employers as this helps employers save significant amounts of money in recruitment related costs.

“I have done a lot of recruitment and most recruitment agencies just don’t get it – not a good experience from either side – so I am interested is seeing what you are doing.”

“Very few recruitment agencies add real value. They don’t understand the client problem or what the candidate can offer.”

“Tendo is an extremely interesting proposition. My past 3 months out of work and experience with recruitment in general has made me realise the existing model really needs disrupting.”