After our initial Beta phase of testing we received an enormous amount of valuable feedback from employers, it was clear that the pricing strategy in use previously was difficult to understand. Which is why we have given Tendo Jobs a dramatic overhaul over the past few weeks to change all pricing to a purely subscription based model to help employers clearly understand the pricing and different plans available.

Previously the pricing model for using Tendo Jobs was that you paid to unlock applicant contact details when they applied for the job. This was a total of 7.5% of the annual salary, meaning that with a salary of £20,000 the cost to unlock all applicants who had applied for the job would be £1,500 + VAT. While this situation is a completely risk free situation, it was difficult for employers to predict the costs involved with recruiting their next candidate. What would happen if we only got 1 applicant? What would happen if we got hundreds of applicants? What if the person quits after the first week? And so on. This is why we felt the pricing for Tendo Jobs needed a bit of work.


Introducing Subscription Plans

That’s why we have moved to a purely subscription based model, allowing you as an employer to be clear about what costs are involved on a monthly basis. Not only have we introduced subscription plans, but we have also introduced additional features and functionality which increase based on the subscription plan you choose. The subscription plans are designed to grow with you as a business as your requirements increase over time, starting with the free plan which is an awesome starting point.

Find out more about our new Subscription Plans.