What Job Hunters Want From Employers

As an employer it’s easy to get bogged down in your own internal recruitment processes, challenges and internal politics. Quite frankly though, you will lose the best candidates to your competitors if you annoy job hunters during their search. We’ve reached out to a few job hunters to highlight what they dislike most when applying for jobs directly with employers, and most importantly, how they see that the process could be improved. Take note of what active job hunters want from you as an employer, the comments below are very sensible ways of working. We’ll be continually adding to this list as a reference for employers like yourself.


Ask Candidates to Perform Tasks After an Initial Telephone Interview


Acknowledge Job Applications from Candidates

P.S. The technology powering Tendo Jobs does this automatically for you as an employer and it’s super simple to invite candidates to interview or inform them that they aren’t suitable.


List Details About What The Job Entails and Be Specific


Make job hunters happy and you will recruit the best candidates within your organisation!