Quick fire information for venture capital firms looking to invest in high growth technology companies. We’ll keep this page up to date, so keep an eye on how we’re doing. Let’s start the discussion and see where things end up.


Why Tendo Jobs Exists

After speaking with thousands of employers and job hunters in relation to finding staff and finding a job respectively, it was clear the way recruitment worked was broken. So we listened to the problems people were facing on both sides of the fence and set to work to built a scalable technology solution that was designed from the beginning to go global.

For Employers

Employers used to face many challenges recruiting so we built technology to help them including;

  • Spending hours sifting through CVs manually – So we built our ApplicantRank algorithm which automatically prioritises the best candidates for the role.
  • Spending hours manually emailing candidates who are invited to interview, shortlisted or unsuccessful – So we built an Applicant Tracking System throughout the platform which automates this at the click of a button.
  • Not having nice branded pages on job boards – So we built Employer Profiles to highlight the employer and make it clear to job hunters what jobs are available.
  • Struggling to upload job vacancies to their own website due to competing and limited IT and web development resource demands – So we built Embeddable Branded Careers Pages Widgets which allow an employer to power their entire careers page on their own website by simply copying and pasting 4 lines of code.
  • Struggling to attract quality applicants looking for work on social media – So we built an advertising platform which allows the employer to set their budget and campaign targeting settings to drive relevant and quality applicants to their vacancies.
  • Struggling to build a successful recruitment pipeline resulting in lack of applications for job roles – So we built social media-esque Following technology which allows Job Hunters to Follow employers and be alerted when they post new vacancies automatically.
  • Spending excessive budgets on recruitment agency fees and traditional job advertising boards resulting in an average cost per hire around the £5,000 mark – So we completely reinvented the business model for recruitment by making recruitment affordable to all businesses for a low monthly subscription on a Freemium model, allowing employers to use this money saved on higher salaries, staff training, company bonuses or additional staff to grow faster.


For Job Hunters

Job Hunters used to face many challenges recruiting so we built technology to help them including;

  • Applying for jobs and never hearing back from employers – So we built simple technology to allow employers to inform job hunters of their status at the click of a button which job hunters can track in real time within their account.
  • Not knowing what company the job vacancy on traditional job boards was for and with no salary information and missing basic data – So we forced employers to provide all of this essential information for every account that is created and every job that is posted to help job hunters see the information they are seeking.
  • Having to apply for jobs through recruitment agencies and risk earning a lower salary due to the money employers have to pay for “Finder’s Fees” – So we banned recruitment agencies from the platform completely to ensure quality and transparency is maintained for job hunters.
  • Not knowing what companies are based right on their doorstep – So we built a search engine to allow job hunters to find companies who are based locally, regardless if they are actively using Tendo Jobs
  • Not being able to find active jobs that they would be suitable to applying to due to the often sporadic recruitment methods and processes from employers – So we built a predictive analytics machine learning algorithm to allow job hunters to find relevant companies based on the skills, knowledge and experience the employer requires from their staff.
  • Being inundated with untargeted and irreverent daily job emails from major job boards based on low quality keyword matching – So we put the power in the hands of job hunters to allow them to Follow key Searches, Companies, Towns and Counties that are relevant to them which is used to power their personalised Jobs Feed.


Growth to Date

Keep an eye on our press releases for regular updates on our progress.

  • In September 2016, after 4 months of launching, Tendo Jobs goes nationwide attracting users from every corner of the UK – More info
  • Between December 2016 and April 2017, we experienced a 32% month on month growth, every month, in registered users and this shows no sign of slowing. – More info
  • Between April 2016 to April 2017 over 10,000 people have now used Tendo Jobs – More info


Investment to Date and Future Investments

Having launched in early 2016, we bootstrapped the design and development over a two year period prior to launching. This was being funded through our primary business, Contrado Digital until Tendo Jobs becomes profitable to run. Keen to build a solid proof of concept before looking for investment.

We will be looking for venture capital investment in the future, so if you are reading this, drop me an email personally and let’s start the conversation, Michael Cropper, hello@tendojobs.com. Specifically future investments will help to scale up our marketing, sales outreach and development team to move faster and grow quicker. With solid foundations in place, we are in a great position to do this.


Next Steps for Tendo Jobs

We have extremely ambitious plans for Tendo Jobs over the next few years. Firstly, we are looking to change the way an entire industry works and remove the reliance on recruitment agencies for both employers and job hunters. The cost savings by doing so here are clear to see. We are looking to compete in the UK with the top 10 job boards and applicant tracking systems over the next 2-3 years (2017 – 2020) alongside planning our international strategy throughout 2017 with the plan to launch internationally in early 2018.